Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Original Post: Sturk's Ramble

The 1thing that I HATE about living in this life is you rise so far above where you been and you sacrifice A lot and in my case you miss out on a lot of things in your younger years do to unexpected circumstances. You and many of you close friends no this but their is always something or someone going out their way to pull you back to that past... You think about all you sacrificed and all you missed out on and you just think "how dare they".., really makes me emotional foreal...


Watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on CBS! December babies Waddup!! I'm Dec. 19th!! I love this time of the year!! Only bad thing is since it's just me, I don't get to see Christmas Trees unless I'm @ my families or friends houses that have females around. I hate not getting to enjoy it with all the decorations though.. *sigh*
It's crazy how negativity gets a response over anything positive. Ex: You can tell someone whose ignoring you that you miss them 100x and they'll ignore. Cuss them out and they'll text or call you right back lol.. Ex2: You can give to the homeless, charities, church etc but if you do JUST ONE negative thing that will be what gets their attention even.. 1 negative cancels out a million good deeds.. SMH!

Why I don't date

LOL @ ppl who keep all their options close then when they're caught they say the options are "just friends"... Soon the couple split up that person begins talking to one of those options that were posed to be "just friends" LMAO!! Hahah the dating world is a joke.. Lol one HUGE joke. I don't trust nobody to date like that lol.. LORD help me... Gnight World!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Temptation Fruit

We ALL have given into the "fruit of temptation" so much that when somebody tries to tell us the truth we deny it or else we would have to see a guilty face in the mirror.. It's only a FEW "old souls" left that see this happening.. It's scary..
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