Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Right Way & A Wrong Way

Right or wrong, what path do you choose? Which of these roads do you normally go down? What road do you go down the most?

I often tweet from my @ItsSturk twitter account about right & wrong. When I do, I get some awesome answers from my followers. The responses range from dumb to pretty accurate.

When you promise you will be faithful to the person you're dating, do you follow through?

Do you knowingly tell lies?

In life it's very important that we're are on the right side more than we are on the wrong. We must be honest & truthful in life simply because it's the good thing to do.

I understand that we are not perfect & sometimes without even thinking, we slip & say or do things we are not proud of. When you do this, you must accept and take responsibility for your actions.

When someone attempts to correct your behavior you must not argue back. The best thing & the right thing is to keep your mouth closed & listen. Ask God to forgive you & go about your day making sure you don't make the same mistake again.

Live & love... Stay far away from liars & those who choose to do wrong and bad things.

- Sturk


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