Sunday, March 24, 2013

One on One: Black Sav

Black Sav appears in the middle of picture.
I Am Somebody: How did you get started rapping?
Black Sav: I got started by my brother Manie Mack. He use to rap out of headphones and loop end of songs ,take two stereos, one recording the song and the other with the beat.
I Am Somebody: Who were your influences?
Black Sav: My influences were Too $hort, Manie Mack and Mr. Sneak .

I Am Somebody: You're from Chickasha Oklahoma. Was it tough rapping in a small town?
Black Sav: Yes, rapping in a small town is difficult but not impossible. Too many chiefs not enough Indians. Not enough unity but we will can change that.
I Am Somebody: What are some of your career highlights so far?
Black Sav: My career highlights would be various projects with Manie Mack. Many hours spent in the studio with well known wise musicians Spyda, M.D. , and the uncanny Tapwater, along with various projects compilations, Affiliated Allies and Affiliated Bosses with Koprit.
I Am Somebody: What inspires your writings?
Black Sav: What inspires me would be my past life events, real life events, emotions and daily struggles. Other words if I'm rapping about riding in a Benz then I really have a Benz.
I Am Somebody: You linked up with Sturk recently for the Chickasha remix. How was that experience?
Black Sav: The experience with Sturk and the other featured artists is what I needed and for certain what the town needed. A spark of some sort and I got to collab with some other heavy hitters from the town.
I Am Somebody: You recently dropped a single. What was it called and how did you feel about the response?
Black Sav: The single I most recently dropped was Afflilated Bosses feat. Koprit and Tonya it was a previously recorded song when I was stationed in Georgia. Me and my good Army friend Koprit recorded a double disc album, and this was one of the first tracks we recorded. The feedback was positive and about what I expected for a song that was recorded ten years ago..LOL
I Am Somebody: How has the experience been working with I Am Somebody Music?
Black Sav: The experience I've had with I Am Somebody Music has been great, Sturk keeps a very busy schedule and its all organized which i enjoy because I'm doing something that I love. Big up to Sturk and IAS Music.
I Am Somebody: How do you feel about the current Hip Hop scene in Chickasha and also in overall Oklahoma?
Black Sav: The current hip hop scene in Chickasha has come a long way but as far as the Oklahoma scene I know there are some macks in Oklahoma. We just need to unify. Nitro made a good stand and I know the Record Boy Staff had a good base, we just all need to UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Am Somebody: Where do you see Chickasha's music scene in the next 10 years?
Black Sav:
In the next ten years, with the recent events that are unfolding IAS has revived and brought life back into it. If we keep the offenders and jealousy to a minimum all will be well. We just need everyone's support and to keep it 100 we will be good.
I Am Somebody: Anything you want the audience to know?
Black Sav: To my followers if you don't know me you will its Black Sav. Thanks for everyone that has supported me through the years and as of recently through social networking. If you want beats contact me either through Facebook Ronnie Davis or you can hit me up on my Email at
IAS done let them All Out Boys out the dungeon!!!!!



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